New audiobook: So Little Done

So Little Done

Dalrymple’s 1995 book So Little Done: The Testament of a Serial Killer has recently been released as an audiobook. This appears to be only the second Dalrymple work to have so far been published in this format, and because the book is a work of satire (the philosophical justifications of a fictional serial killer), it makes an excellent choice for an audio performance.

Congratulations to Gavin Orland, a friend of this blog for many years, for an engaging performance as the killer Graham Underwood. This is a fun and provocative listening experience. So Little Done was also adapted as a one-man stage play called De Filantroop (The Philanthropist) and performed (in Dutch) in the Netherlands in 2009.

You can purchase So Little Done now from or, or get it for free as an Audible subscriber. You can also listen to a free five-minute audio sample on either site.

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